Kaspersky Enterprise Products

Kaspersky enterprise products include Threat Management Defense and Industrial Cybersecurity that helps businesses in protecting them from current and future threats. Further, it protects your confidential information and provides you security from targeted attackers and unauthorized access. 

Kaspersky Enterprise Products

Threat Management and Defense: 

Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense is a combination of leading technologies and cybersecurity expertise which offers a unified process of mitigating the risk of various events. The solution includes a multi-layered threat prevention machine learning that detects the current threats on your system. Also, it predicts future threats and helps you to counteract even the most complicated threats.

Kaspersky enterprise products include Threat Management and Defense offers a centralized approach that simplifies and facilitates the entire process of threat management. Its strategy is to provide a cycle of activities in four key areas: 

  • Prevent: It helps in reducing the risk of advanced threats and targeted attacks.
  • Detect: It identifies all the activities that might lead to a targeted attack and helps in reducing the risk. 
  • Respond: If any threat is detected, it takes immediate steps to resolve the issue and to reduce its consequences. 
  • Predict: It helps in identifying future targeted attacks by considering all the possibilities of where and how new attacks could appear. 


Below are the features: 

  • Multi-layered Sensor Architecture:

It provides advanced detection of threats at every point of your corporate IT infrastructure through its endpoint sensors. Also, it helps in preventing email-based threats. 

  • Targeted Attack Analyzer: 

It is a machine learning engine that involves self-learning of the entire network. It detects suspicious activities and predicts future malicious actions at the initial stages of multilayered attacks. 

  • Advanced Sandbox: 

A sandbox is a system for virus detection that runs a suspicious object in a virtual machine and helps in detecting the object’s malicious activity by analyzing its behavior. So, it identifies new threats by using an advanced sandbox. 

  • Threat Hunting: 

Proactive Threat Hunting is the process of proactively searching through networks or datasets to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats. So, Kaspersky threat management and defense scan your system to spot anomalies and security breaches. 

Benefits for Business: 

  • It helps in reducing financial and operational damage caused by cybercrime. 
  • Reduce complexity through a simple and business-oriented business interface.
  • It also helps in reducing administration costs through task automation and simplified security compliance processes.
  • It leads to increase ROI through seamless workflow automation and no disruption to business processes. 
  • Reduce the possibility and risk of advanced threats through regular detection. 

Industrial Cybersecurity: 

Kaspersky industrial cybersecurity delivers a combination of protection types. It provides protection in support of integrity control, intrusion prevention, and detection, anti-malware and anomaly detection, etc. So, it not only provides industrial network monitoring or anomaly detection but also specialized in industrial endpoint protection, services like industrial pentest, forensics, educational and awareness programs. 

Kaspersky enterprise Industrial cybersecurity products is a portfolio of technologies and services designed to secure industrial layers and elements of the organization. Also, it provides protection to ICS/SCADA servers, HMI panels, engineering workstations, PLCs, and network connections without impacting the operational continuity and performance of the technological process. 


Below-given are the features: 

Industrial Cybersecurity for nodes: 

KICS for Nodes is designed to identify threats at an initial level. It is compatible with both the software and hardware components of industrial automation systems such as SCADA, PLC and DCS. 

  • Host-based Firewall

It set up a host-based firewall on each server, HMIs or workstations that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic and determines whether to allow it into a particular device. 

  • PLC Integrity Check 

It helps in enabling additional control over PLC configurations via periodical checks against a selected, Kaspersky Lab-secured server. 

  • File Integrity Monitor 

It tracks all the actions performed within specified files and folders. It is used to detect file changes that may indicate a security breach on the protected server – like changes to SCADA projects stored on a SCADA server.

  • Advanced anti-malware protection

It is designed to work effectively even in static or rarely updated environments. It includes signature-based malware detection, on-access, and on-demand detection, ransomware detection via special anti-crypto technology, etc. 

Industrial Cybersecurity for network

Kaspersky industrial cybersecurity for network is helpful in analyzing industrial traffic from anomalies via advanced DPI(Deep Packet Inspection) technology. Network integrity control and IDS capabilities are also provided.

  • Deep Packet Inspection for anomaly detection

It provides protection against threats while reducing the risk of advanced insider interference from engineers, SCADA operators or other internal staff with direct access to systems. Also, it helps in detecting any command which would reconfigure a PLC or change the PLC state. 

  • Network integrity control for security and assets inventory 

The feature is for the identification of all Ethernet connected network assets that include SCADA servers, HMIs, engineering workstations, PLCs, IEDs, and RTUs. If there are any unknown devices or connections, it will detect automatically. So, this helps in developing a reliable and secure network.  

  • Machine Learning

This feature is useful to detect anomalies inside industrial processes via a powerful LSTM-based forecasting model. 

  • Forensic Tools

It also provides forensic tools for data analysis and digital forensics. Also, it prevents any changes to ICS( Internet Connection Sharing) logs.